Sensible Sensing

  • Efficient - down to 1mA idle current
  • Full feature - IDS, CPD, SBR, VS
  • Easy to use - CAN-FD and wakeup output available
  • Small size - under 45mm x 62mm

Core Features

Mounting on B-pillar, the ICR-Newton provides multiple detection modes in a single affordable package. All functions are tested with multiple vehicles and real humans with various body types.

Intrusion Detection

Slow or fast, no blindspot. Rest assured - Newton gets the whole cabin covered.

Living Object

Nothing is more valuable than lives. No more left-behind and no more casualties.


Safety matters. Luggages don't need seat belts and Newton are certainly aware of that.


Airbags could be even safer. For small kids, Newton is guarding in the front.

Low Power

Smart and efficient. Newton knows when to sleep and when to work.

Easy Integration

Newton speaks CAN-FD. Diagnose. Configure. Control. Update. GUI is also available.


Intrusion Detection

Unlike ultrasonic sensors, mmWave RADAR isn't susceptible to environmental noise and temperature changes. With sub-millimeter sensitivity, stealth isn't a possibility.

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Child Left-behind Detection

Dozens of children and hundreds of companion animals die from heat exhaustion every year. Not anymore. ICR-Newton warns about living object left-behind within 10 seconds.

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Occupancy Detection

Using motion and life sign detection, mmWave RADAR distinguishes between living objects and static objects like a backpack, reducing false detections common to pressure sensors.

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Passenger Classification

Airbags could increase the risk for small passengers in a collision event. The classification algorithm helps to disable the airbag automatically, making the ride even safer.


Absolute Maximum Ratings
Power supply voltage-2428V
CAN I/O voltage-5858V
CAN I/O differential voltage-4545V
Ambient Temperature-4085ºC
Storage Temperature-4095ºC
Operational Conditions
Power supply voltage81224V
Ambient temperature-4085ºC

ICR-Newton is designed with real world applicability in mind. All components are automotive grade and AEC-Q100 qualified.

Dimension, power supply and CAN-FD messages are also customizable.

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